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Gucci bag maintenance – method gucci

Gucci bag maintenance – method gucci

Gucci bag maintenance – method gucci.

1. Gucci leather decontamination eraser:
Please use this adhesive to clean Gucci leather dirt. Bright color dirt is white, dark colored dirt is made of gray sand.
How to use: Use of plastic or sand glue is not too much effort along the same direction to clean, as long as you can gently clean dirt, not otherwise flower I will wipe the bag. It is mainly used for dirty areas and dirty areas.
In this statement: gucci handles the skin or matches the leather so leather stains can be removed, but if you soak black and dirt into the cortex, you better change it to pull the other is.
For the SPEEDY series, it is less than 1,000 Yuan. Very convenient and quickly new!
2. gucci special leather maintenance oil:
When it gets dirty, use it for wiping and cleaning. It can be cleaned and removed to prevent dirt and moisture. It is a helper essential for daily cleaning and maintenance. When used regularly, the brand name bag will be longer.
It is suitable for leather and textiles such as LV, GUCCI, DIOR. For basic cleaning.
This maintenance oil recommended that LV skin color just change to honey color before use. Otherwise, discoloration accelerates.
However, in the case of very deep dirt, we recommend using the cleaning form described later.
Please shake well with a soft cloth (please be careful not to discolor), please wipe with maintenance oil. Please let it dry naturally.
Using this maintenance oil, you can make gucci skin slow and beautiful oil honey color. This is the most tasty color of Gucci.
We do not recommend purchasing Gucci bag like white skin color MM.
Since the pores of the new pack are not closed, using this maintenance oil directly may cause clogging of the pores.
3, Gucci special leather protection film spray:
Gucci’s white skin is dirty in black but some sisters like to pull white, so I have to use this.
This is a protective film that can prevent dirt, water and dust!
It prevents water and dirt from getting into your handbag. In GUCCI, textiles such as PRADA are also effective. On rainy days, you can take your handbags to the US and US streets!
How to use: Shake well before use, leave the bag 20 cm apart, spray it evenly on the bag and air dry. After drying the dirty part of the handle and the bottom, please spray further. Up to 2 layers are sufficient for demonstrating antifouling, waterproof, dustproofing effect!
Then spray it once a week.
When spraying, the skin may change color, but after drying it returns to the original skin color. Use this to delay changes in leather color.
Every time a bag encounters water, it must be dried and sprayed again to ensure the waterproof effect so that it will not hurt the leather when poured into the water next time.
It is still old, even if you say that you need to clean the bags before using it, the protective film will seal the dirt in the leather bag
4, Gucci wash bubbles:
This cleansing foam is very useful for cleaning cloth dirt such as GUCCI, PRADA. Suitable for fur and canvas handbags.
Dirty fabrics and canvas can be used for hand sweat and discoloration of jeans.
Usage: After shaking, spray a small amount of foam on a soft brush and gradually polish the bag. If you brush slowly and slowly, the smaller it gets, the better. After polishing the dirt lightly, please dry and dry with a clean soft towel. Water is not necessary.
Note: Please do not spray at once. Please do not spray cloth directly. Please slow slowly when cleaning.
5, Gucci Hardware Grinding Paste (Gucci, Prada will apply):
Gucci’s locks and hardware are easily oxidized in damp places and become black. This rubbed copper paste can be used to make it the same as new one.
How to use: Place lukewarm water on a dry cloth, gently rub the gold rock and zipper dirt, then wipe with another dry cloth.
Special Tips: Be careful when rubbing! Do not scrub on your skin or thicken your skin. If you want to wipe small, please use cotton buds.
Also, when using, always use copper to make copper effective. Do not try to pack the copper, restore the cost of the color.

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Why friend relationships are so difficult to get along

Why friend relationships are so difficult to get along
I opened an online shop selling brand bags. A friend, who often eats and drinks at me, has no bag to use for free. Even if he makes a girlfriend, he will help his girlfriend and give him no money. At one point, he took a look at a bag. However, this bag sold very hot. At the time, there were still several stocks in the warehouse. He called and asked for a bag. I promised to leave him one. As a result, he came to take the bag at night, and when he arrived at the warehouse, he found that the worker had finished sending the bag. I asked him to wait for two more days. He lost his temper and said that I did not honor my promise, I promised to give something I did not want to give, and I found reasons to smuggle him…
I am really angry. How can such a person exist in the world? What should this kind of friend do? Is there really no friendship in the world?

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How do you start learning handmade leather? – tutorials 1

How do you start learning handmade leather? – tutorials 1

How do you start learning handmade leather? – tutorials 1

Welcome to the door of handmade leather goods!

First of all, you have to have a set of tools! Strong suggestion! Don’t don’t have to buy a novice suit!

A whole family tool first

A whole family tool for DIY leather

This is a variety of tools that are being used, arranged in small boxes in different categories.

1 pad

pad for DIY leather

Put the leather on the top of the line, cutting, to avoid the damage to the table, I this is a little small, there are a lot of sizes to choose from, suggest buying a larger size.

2 punching plate

punching plate

When the hole is chopped with a diamond, the pad is underneath. This board has been riddled with all kinds of holes by me. I’m afraid that people who fear phobia will hate me,and I will not show the details image of the plate.

3 cutters and art knives

cutters and art knives

Expert  usually use cutters. This is a cutter,which I bought in a novice suit. It’s too hard to use,so blunt,  even worse than  a  knife! Because equipment is assistant, so in my opinion, a good cutter can be done.

4 steel ruler

steel ruler for DIY leather

What can the goods do? You are right ,use for Underline.

5 hammers

hammers for DIY leather

A tool for chopping.